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Engaging the Nature of Things

When we think or talk of the source, we think nature, metaphysics, maybe Abraham-Hicks, or the Universe — something woo-woo.

Whatever you call it, it boils down to the same thing: it’s the energy of the ethereal that we employ all the time, every day, every second. Method, mode, and ritual aside, whatever resonates with us, in order to give ourselves permission to establish a rapport with the heart of all things, is all that matters.

What’s strange, is that as a generally accepted idea, most of us seem to choose to operate on bare minimums, as far as our true potential and capability is concerned. We stumble around, bumping into each other, trusting in the ancient established boundaries, and rarely engaging anything beyond what our physical perceptions have been trained to do. It is an unconscious, disconnected sleep-state that only keeps us circling in the vortexes of unnecessary drama and chaos.

We are, in fact, somewhat convinced that we’re little more than willing victims of this reality, subject to the whims of something outside, something other, and something greater than our tiny brains can handle — only because we believe our brains are tiny, and because we believe ourselves not to be creators and cosmic authors.

What if we step outside that old story for just a moment?

Imagine, that on some level, everything in our purview, everything in our life — in the here, now — is a reflection of the innumerable thoughts, choices, and actions we’ve made, thus far. What if some of it stems back to aspects of us from before this lifetime? What if the thread follows back through thousands of lifetimes? What about future lifetimes?

The point is, now is where the cumulative force of the all-pervading source engages, because now is where/when we’re focused. Thus, what we see, feel, hear, taste, touch, sense and perceive is ultimately under our singular influence, our unique point of observation, and our evolving interpretation.

Also, it’s important to consider that our bodies are a construct inside our soul, made manifest to explore and expand within the eternal, but to exist, at least perceptually, within the physical.

Thus, all feelings, emotions, and intuitions can be employed as the tools they were designed to be, beyond simply passing at random, in their fluid, transient dance. The higher part of us summons and conjures these magical colors and intricacies, so to allow us to embolden our spirits, to inform and empower our decisions, and to afford us the space to always and forever be aligned with what lies at the core of our deepest truth: we are safe, we are eternal, and we are loved.

It is — we are — consciousness, embodied; our deliberate intent, and knowingness, is what moves things, people, and places into and out of focus, urging us to engage in the natural flow, and surrender, and to trust that whatever arises, is most relevant, now.

Love your life,