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in every moment we are given the ability and responsibility to choose to do the right thing, or not. what is “right” is a divine, unattached, momentary locus of you-plus-universal intelligence – not simply what might be culturally or socially acceptable or expected, not what your family, or elders, or peers would expect, not anything but the pure and blessed essential trueness of this naked moment.

we are the reluctant scale-bearers, central to the immediate balance of positive and negative flow – for, and within ourselves, and, naturally, a ripple in the collective. our voice is our own, and part of this spacetime chorus.

how does that feel? let it come up. love it. leave it.

we must be vigilant and wrest control of our mental constructs and influences from the sick and maligned. we’re fragmented well beyond reason and it no longer serves us.

the key is to be aware of the nature of the game: who’s playing who, or what, and why?

look again.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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