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hard ideas, soft universe

the infernal barriers are energetic, etheric, intangible and preconceptual, yet our mind desperately tries to quantify, categorize, ground and encapsulate them anyway.

that is its function, after all, to decode, recode and interpret, not necessarily to clarify, illuminate and ease suffering.

we feel and stumble by the push, and the resistance, often wondering why our head and our heart hurts, forgetting they’ve just burst through a few walls – and perpetually handle the onslaught and mixed densities of living in this place.

we feel, and we think, though most often it’s the other way around.

pain is inevitable anytime we aim to dam the flow. that’s not to say that it’s better to just let it all slide by, to be numb or resolved or passive, defeated, but to remember that beyond the constructs and messiness is the effortless firmament; the great big easy that ensures our existence beyond the clutter and calamity.

there is nothing to fear.

we can too often feel pushed, shoved right back against a wall and cornered, threatened or hopeless. but, it’s not a wall!

it’s the gentle hand; it’s the great self, the conscious storyteller, the knowing, the quantum activist, the lover and the universe.

feel terrified, but feel exhilaration. feel frustration, but feel emboldened. feel judgment, but feel camaraderie. feel alienation, but feel brotherhood and deeper respect.

feel beyond the surface of things.

we are dancing the alchemical dance. observe how the extreme and the insane are less and less effective at ruffling our collective feathers.

embrace the winds and uplift.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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