as we work to realign with our inner compass, outside influences are still around. noise can be persistent, and some of those outdated ideas we’ve adopted will also rear their ugly heads, and aggravate or infuriate a creative spirit. it is in these moments we decide and discern if we are working from passion, or anger.

both, can certainly be motivators. both, can help us get the job done, as it were. thus, it comes down to what we value, and what kind of energy we prefer to reverberate out into the world:

anger, defines resistance; fear, dissonance, vengeance, control, uprising, revolt – violence.

passion, defines surrender; love, purpose, ingenuity, independence, flow, freedom – creation.

as ever, awareness is key. being conscious of how (and who) we are being, what (and why) we are doing, derives and reduces down to that which we are having. the experience is the thing. the journey is in the process, an endless road of discovery.

what we engender, can invigorate, inspire, and heal – or, it can deteriorate, enflame, and harm.

love your life,

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