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The Hole World

Your country, your continent, the entirety of civilization that exists under the current ideas of economy and treaty and banking and trade… is not the whole world.

Nowadays, you can have the “world” at your fingertips through a smartphone, but you’re not directly experiencing anything, unless that 5-inch-on-the-diagonal screen does it for you, and you enjoy eye and neck strain. Does size matter?

The more you buy into and propagate the oppressive ideas that all there is to this planet and this life is technology, commerce, money, mining, wars, progress and plastic surgery, the more you cloud your judgment, adopt an ignorant standpoint, buy useless shit, believe politicians, suffer the spiritual slaughter, and act out as an adult child.

That which is most true is beyond words, calculation and computation. If you think you know what love is, the very mention of it should stop you in your tracks. It’s only our arrogance that persists in trying to quantify and label and control its scope and dimension, package it with greeting cards and chocolate, and destroy forests of young trees to decorate in its honor.

Life won’t be having any of that limitation, thanks. The universe isn’t nearly so shortsighted and shallow as us, though maybe it will have the odd chuckle, more in amazement at our endless creativity than self-imposed misfortune.

You choose your diet. You choose your implements, education, information and selective cognitive subjugation. You choose to be here, now. You choose to heal and to harm, to heal and to harm, to heal and to harm, and you choose to be hardened by it all… or not.

This whole world is so much more. Go see it. Love it. Live it. Give it. Die a thousand times to the old you and put your hand into the fire and recognize it, too, is you.

Eyes open.