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still here

the event. the happening. the end times. full disclosure. the crash. the ascension…

it’s interesting (disheartening) how we project the grand ideas out there, and get repeatedly taken in by the (artificial) chaos, fervent ubiquitous propaganda, and rampant bullshit spinning.

you have to figure there are those who benefit and even feed off this energetic garbage. i’ve seen numerous days-after even in my short lifetime!

we’re still here. hmm. shame. same old shit. back to work. the whole system didn’t evaporate. no nukes. no alien invasion. no great escape. no grand rescue from ourselves. nothing.

nothing is going to happen, lest we make it happen. but, we’re so twisted and distorted, disorganized and confused, numbed and polarized (the actual grand plan?), that we don’t even know what the hell we actually want to happen.

check yourself. isn’t your nose getting sore from being pulled around by it so often?

there’s evidence everywhere that we’re collectively moving in the right direction. keep on keeping on. discern truth. foster authenticity. hold space and stand up for love. anchor what is genuine, and throw out the garbage.

we’re all hurting, in one way or another. pain is relative, so start with compassion, especially for your lovely self. remember empathy, when someone calls on you to listen.

turn off the programming. shut off the devices more often. look at the stars. sway with the trees. move with the seas. follow your feet. trust your heart. love your body. rekindle your dreams.

you can know anything you need to know when you need to know it. you’re not missing out. this ain’t hollyweird. your perception is beyond clunky 3D!

awaken. you are the event.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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