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A Sovereign State of Mind

The Federal Ministry for Depopulation, Menticide, and Controlled Demolition has been successfully implementing numerous forms of warfare upon its citizenry (subjects/enemies of the state, according to law) since its inception, though particularly aggressive in the past few generations. Methods employed include psychological, emotional, biological, epistemological, economical, and ideological.

It’s impressive, if not diabolical. But it works, and we can readily observe the same program playing out in most developed nations pretending to be democratic republics, though falling wildly short in nearly every respect.

While it’s good to see some of the constituent regions in “Canada” standing up for their sovereignty, it boggles the mind that it has taken so long. Meanwhile, in “provinces” such as “BC”, the Ministry for Perpetual Sickness and Premature Death continues to enforce grossly inept, strictly-for-profit policies regarding entirely fabricated disease and hoax contagion outbreaks.

These are truly interesting times. The Great Unraveling continues, so batten down the hatches, as it were. We’re not through the worst of it yet.

Open your eyes, please. Work on strengthening your spine, your character, and your capacity for general critical thinking. The noise all around you is almost entirely fake. Made up. Fraudulent. Toxic and totally manufactured.

See beyond the boundaries of your conditioning. It may help you get the most out of this short life. Don’t waste your time trying to save the nonsense constructs that these actors keep trying to sell you on. There are no lies in Nature. Truth always reveals itself to those who have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear, but it requires your real and naked self.

You’re not broken. You’re not lacking. There is no scarcity.

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