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Ahmad Odeh - Unsplash

The Full Circle: Coming Back to Truth

Audio Version (featuring music by Sergii Pavkin)

Everyone finds their way back to the truth in their own time. No one needs preaching, outside influence, or any other kind of contrived manipulation to guide them home, not even from those who may genuinely believe themselves to be well-intentioned and benevolent.

We’re geniuses at orchestrating our circumstances to consistently, powerfully, and inevitably provide teachers, lessons, and learning that are relevant to our current journey. The universe is so effortlessly dynamic that these eventualities and potentialities shift every second of the day. It’s more of a question of which reality I prefer than why I chose this one scenario. Our minds do not operate at that level, nor were they designed to do so. These are issues concerning the heart and the place of feeling. We live in a linear way, moment by moment, frame by frame. But in the space between is the magic unseen. In that space out of time is our doorway through it.

It should be obvious which themes we choose to explore in this lifetime. Look around. Look at the world. Look at you. Look at your life. Consider your struggles, pains, and challenges, as well as your successes, victories, gifts, and talents. The stage and set, as well as the players, are constantly changing. The story, however, continues. It integrates, validates, and values; it challenges and infuriates; and it requires courage and authenticity. It is driven by questions and curiosity.

Whatever it is ignores any fleeting, superficial meaning we assign to it. Our math, physics, religions, and theories cannot contain and quantify the source of all that is.

What remains is the truth. And again, we all get there when we’re ready.

In the meantime, we explore.

Love your life.