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The Full Circle

Everyone comes back to truth in their own time, in their own way. No one requires outside influence, preaching, or whatever contrived manipulation — commonly under the guise of spiritual guidance, or parenting, by those who may genuinely believe themselves as well-intentioned and benevolent — to steer them home, as it were.

We’re brilliant at orchestrating our circumstances to consistently, powerfully, inevitably offer up teachers, lessons, and learning that is relevant, right now, along our journey. The universe is so effortlessly dynamic that these eventualities and potentialities are shifting through countless permutations every second of every day. It’s more of a which reality would I prefer? rather than a why did I choose this reality? scenario. Our minds don’t operate on that level, but they’re not designed for that anyway. These are matters for the heart, and the feeling place. We live in a linear fashion, moment by moment, frame by frame. But in that space between, is the magic unseen. In that space out of time, is our doorway through it.

It should be plainly obvious the themes we chose to explore in this lifetime. Look around. Look at the world. Look at you. Look at your life. Look at your struggles, pains, hurdles — and look at your successes, victories, gifts, and talents. The stage and set are in constant flux, as are the players. The story, however, pushes on. It integrates; it validates and valuates; it challenges and infuriates; it relies on courage, and authenticity. It is fueled by the question, and the curiosity.

Whatever it is, disregards any transient, superficial meaning we attach to it. The source of all-that-is can’t possibly be boxed and quantified within our maths, physics, religions, and theories.

What remains, is a truth. We all get there, again, when we’re ready to.

In the meantime, we explore.

Love your life,