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of adventure

look around. this is your life. whatever you may think of it, however you may quantify it, whatever your current understandings and judgements make of it, many days have passed and many pages have turned, yet still here you are.

if you were to try and write yourself a brief biography, what are the key moments, the achievements, the notable events, the resume stuffers… how well can you sell yourself to your self? or, how difficult is it to recall the parts of the story beside which you would proudly scribe an asterisk for future historians to take special note of?

Whatever arises, love that. (Matt Kahn)

thoughts on regret, thoughts on unrequited love, thoughts on failures, thoughts on missed opportunities… are thoughts that draw life’s breath out of you, here, now, and fragment your beingness away from this locus of creativity, which is truly where the collective needs you most.

the only useful aspect of our perspective on our arguably spurious past is the way in which it informs and goads us toward authenticity and vulnerability in our everyday.

to progress and heal ruptures of spirit can be a lifetime’s work (or many), but within that journey is a lifetime of authorship that the story’s narrator would be remiss to omit.

you matter.

be easier on yourself, but dare greatly.

solvitur ambulando

© 2016 Trance Blackman

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