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Relationships in our society really do have all the odds stacked against them:

Religion and spirituality, finances, education, career, emotional intelligence, values and priorities, sex, family, and procreation, laws and statutes, taxes, role definitions, cultural expectations, and a few dozen more.

Add to that our own souls being disoriented, fragmented, and in the process of reintegration. How improbable does it become that any relationship has a chance?

Couples that are in truly unified and committed partnerships — beyond misplaced obligation (victim) or self-sacrifice (martyr) — are seemingly becoming a notion of fantasy. More are choosing the single life than ever before in our modern history, yet curiously, loneliness is apparently an epidemic.

But, as with all things, the solutions are generally quite simple…in concept.

Everything here is about choice. Choosing to engage in a relationship is a choice to engage in partnership. This creates a new interbeingness that must transcend our immature “me first” notions, for it’s a choice to love another as part of ourselves. Soul work can be quite condensed and intensified in this dynamic.

And it still may not work out, and utterly fail. But that’s not the point. It will have elevated both, and served you, powerfully. The heart is incredibly resilient when its motivations are pure.

As is fairly evident, we’ve destroyed much of the fabric of what is sacred in our interrelations. We trust in ego, scarcity, lack, and fear, while praying for strength, faith, guidance, and spiritual understanding.

Yet this, too, is part of the process, collectively. Shit needs to fall apart, crash and burn, so we can rebuild it in our original image. But this doesn’t have to mean violence, locking all your doors, and preparing for the end times. This is all energetic in nature. It’s a consciousness exercise. It’s a spiritual discipline and an ethereal rewiring.

It requires massive, absolute trust. It requires raw, messy vulnerability, and naked authenticity. It demands radical empathy, and unbridled compassion.

It has to be you, restored to command position of the I Am.

And so… It is.

Solvitur ambulando

© 2019 Trance Blackman

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